Our Statement Piece

SUNJEWEL is a luxury brand of artisan jewelry made of gold, diamonds, precious gems, and pearls.

Our brand is inspired by the brilliance and the life-­giving qualities of the sun. Just as the sun illuminates the earth, so does each Sunjewel piece encapsulate light and joy in a beautiful, durable, wearable design.


Just as the sun's rays warm the land and give energy to living things, so do our pieces celebrate life with exuberance and zest. And just as the sun's cycle is used as a marker for the passing of time, so are our pieces meant to commemorate the milestones and special moments of personal life stories.


We proudly guarantee the high level of quality and craftsmanship that go into each piece of jewelry carried by our brand.


SUNJEWEL pieces are designed to last for generations, to honor the memories that you wish to preserve.